Church History

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Leading Today's Funerals: A Pastoral Guide for Improving Bereavement Ministry

Leading Today's Funerals

October 01, 1997


Red Letter Christians: A Citizen's Guide to Faith and Politics

Red Letter Christians

April 08, 2013


Christianity and the Postmodern Turn: Six Views

Christianity and the...

July 01, 2005


The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries: From the Early Church to John Paul II

The Sermon on the Mount...

October 01, 2007


The Baker Book House Story

The Baker Book House Story

April 01, 2014


The 40 Most Influential Christians . . . Who Shaped What We Believe Today

The 40 Most Influential...

August 01, 2013


The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale: Rekindling the Power of God in an Age of Compromise

The Holy Spirit Is Not for...

April 01, 2010


60 People Who Shaped the Church: Learning from Sinners, Saints, Rogues, and Heroes

60 People Who Shaped the...

May 20, 2014


30 Events That Shaped the Church: Learning from Scandal, Intrigue, War, and Revival

30 Events That Shaped the...

January 20, 2015


Dining with the Devil: The Megachurch Movement Flirts with Modernity

Dining with the Devil

August 01, 1993


Rescuing the Gospel: The Story and Significance of the Reformation

Rescuing the Gospel

May 30, 2017


Jesus Revolution: How God Transformed an Unlikely Generation and How He Can Do It Again Today

Jesus Revolution

March 17, 2020


Christianity and the Constitution: The Faith of Our Founding Fathers

Christianity and the...

August 01, 1995


Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God: The Wittenberg School and Its Scripture-Centered Proclamation

Martin Luther and the...

November 15, 2016


Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics: The Rise and Development of Reformed Orthodoxy, ca. 1520 to ca. 1725

Post-Reformation Reformed...

August 01, 2003


The Marrow of Theology

The Marrow of Theology

August 01, 1997


Loving the Poor, Saving the Rich: Wealth, Poverty, and Early Christian Formation

Loving the Poor, Saving the...

November 01, 2012


The Gospel of Mark: A Liturgical Reading

The Gospel of Mark

October 18, 2016


Retrieving History: Memory and Identity Formation in the Early Church

Retrieving History

April 18, 2017


The Bondage and Liberation of the Will: A Defence of the Orthodox Doctrine of Human Choice against Pighius

The Bondage and Liberation...

October 01, 2002


The Original Bishops: Office and Order in the First Christian Communities

The Original Bishops

May 06, 2014


Pentecostalism: Origins and Developments Worldwide


February 01, 2005


Justification and Variegated Nomism: The Complexities of Second Temple Judaism

Justification and...

December 01, 2001


Reading the Old Testament with the Ancient Church: Exploring the Formation of Early Christian Thought

Reading the Old Testament...

September 01, 2007


Martin Luther's Understanding of God's Two Kingdoms: A Response to the Challenge of Skepticism

Martin Luther's...

January 01, 2010


Martin Luther as Prophet, Teacher, and Hero: Images of the Reformer, 1520-1620

Martin Luther as Prophet,...

December 01, 1999


Early Christianity in Contexts: An Exploration across Cultures and Continents

Early Christianity in Contexts

November 18, 2014


The True Saint Nicholas: Why He Matters to Christmas

The True Saint Nicholas

November 06, 2018


The Rational Bible: Exodus

The Rational Bible

April 02, 2018


Diario de Santa Maria Faustina Kowalska

Diario de Santa Maria...

January 01, 2005