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Sharing Christ With the Dying: Bringing Hope to Those Near the End of Life

Sharing Christ With the Dying

June 17, 2014


Defeating Dementia: What You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer's and Other Forms of Dementia

Defeating Dementia

March 06, 2018


A Season of Grace: Embracing God's Gifts in the Autumn of Our Lives

A Season of Grace

October 01, 2017


Memory Rescue: Supercharge Your Brain, Reverse Memory Loss, and Remember What Matters Most

Memory Rescue

November 14, 2017


Finishing Well to the Glory of God: Strategies from a Christian Physician

Finishing Well to the Glory...

February 04, 2011


Second Forgetting: Remembering the Power of the Gospel During Alzheimer's Disease

Second Forgetting

September 23, 2014


Aging Starts in Your Mind: You're Only as Old as You Feel

Aging Starts in Your Mind

August 01, 2017


Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia: "Experiencing Dementia--Honoring God"

Finding Grace in the Face...

July 31, 2017


When Did Everybody Else Get So Old?: Indignities, Compromises, and the Unexpected Grace of Midlife

When Did Everybody Else Get...

May 02, 2017


Aging Matters: Finding Your Calling for the Rest of Your Life

Aging Matters

April 15, 2016


Living Thoughtfully, Dying Well: A Doctor Explains How to Make Death a Natural Part of Life

Living Thoughtfully, Dying...

March 04, 2014


As My Parents Age: Reflections on Life, Love, and Change

As My Parents Age

June 13, 2017


Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: The 5 Love Languages and the Alzheimer's Journey

Keeping Love Alive as...

October 01, 2016


Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well

Nearing Home

May 06, 2013


Aging with Grace: What the Nun Study Teaches Us about Leading Longer, Healthier, and More Meaningful Lives

Aging with Grace

April 30, 2002


Finishing Our Course with Joy: Guidance from God for Engaging with Our Aging

Finishing Our Course with Joy

January 31, 2014


Adventure of Ascent: Field Notes from a Lifelong Journey

Adventure of Ascent

February 03, 2014


Lord, How Did I Get This Old So Soon?: Prayers and Promises to Brighten Your Day

Lord, How Did I Get This...

September 01, 2014


A Tale of Two Biddies: A New Wrinkle on Aging with Grace

A Tale of Two Biddies

August 01, 2015


Joyfully Aging: A Christian's Guide

Joyfully Aging

June 01, 2012


Strong Memory, Sharp Mind: Anti-Aging Strategies for Your Brain

Strong Memory, Sharp Mind

June 20, 2017


The Caregiving Season: Finding Grace to Honor Your Aging Parents

The Caregiving Season

September 01, 2016


40/40 Vision: Clarifying Your Mission in Midlife

40/40 Vision

October 01, 2015


Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well

Nearing Home

October 17, 2011


Stones of Remembrance: Healing Scriptures for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Stones of Remembrance

November 14, 2017


The Undertaker's Wife: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Laughter in the Unlikeliest of Places

The Undertaker's Wife

March 24, 2015


The Third Third of Life: Preparing for Your Future

The Third Third of Life

April 27, 2012


My Favorite Senior Moments: From the Funny Side of the Street

My Favorite Senior Moments

March 01, 2015


My Senior Moments Have Gone High-Tech: Laugh-Out-Loud Stories to Calm Your E-Fears

My Senior Moments Have Gone...

February 01, 2016


Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss and Letting Go

Caring for Our Aging Parents

October 01, 2016