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Christianity at the Crossroads: How the Second Century Shaped the Future of the Church

Christianity at the Crossroads

March 06, 2018


How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind: Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity

How Africa Shaped the...

July 23, 2010


A Brief Introduction to the Reformation

A Brief Introduction to the...

January 27, 2017


Killing Jesus: A History

Killing Jesus

September 24, 2013


Julian of Norwich: A Very Brief History

Julian of Norwich

March 13, 2018


Rose Book of Bible & Christian History Time Lines: More Than 6000 Years at a Glance

Rose Book of Bible &...

January 01, 2006


Sources of the Christian Self: A Cultural History of Christian Identity

Sources of the Christian Self

May 01, 2018


Reformation Women: Sixteenth-Century Figures Who Shaped Christianity's Rebirth

Reformation Women

April 25, 2017


The Last Days of Jesus: His Life and Times

The Last Days of Jesus

April 01, 2014


Rebel in the Ranks: Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the Conflicts That Continue to Shape Our World

Rebel in the Ranks

September 04, 2018


Know the Heretics

Know the Heretics

April 29, 2014


The Search for God and Guinness: A Biography of the Beer That Changed the World

The Search for God and...

July 08, 2014


The Reformation in England

The Reformation in England

February 09, 2016


The Whole Church Sings: Congregational Singing in Luther's Wittenberg

The Whole Church Sings

May 12, 2017


The Bible: From Late Antiquity to the Renaissance: Writing and Images from the Vatican Library

The Bible: From Late...

October 27, 2017


The Search for the Twelve Apostles

The Search for the Twelve...

May 01, 2008


Liberating Black Church History: Making It Plain

Liberating Black Church...

March 20, 2014


Pillars of Grace

Pillars of Grace

September 08, 2016


The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction

The Quakers

April 01, 2008


Long Before Luther: Tracing the Heart of the Gospel from Christ to the Reformation

Long Before Luther

October 03, 2017


Jesus Followers in the Roman Empire

Jesus Followers in the...

November 21, 2017


Paul: A Very Brief History


March 13, 2018


History of Christianity: Volume I PB (Revised)

History of Christianity

May 31, 2012


A Brief History of Ancient Israel

A Brief History of Ancient...

October 30, 2002


Christianity: The Biography: 2000 Years of Global History

Christianity: The Biography

January 31, 2017


Unbelief and Revolution

Unbelief and Revolution

November 28, 2018


For the Gospel's Sake: The Rise of the Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics

For the Gospel's Sake

April 12, 2018


Does the Reformation Still Matter?

Does the Reformation Still...

December 10, 2016


This Dangerous Book: How the Bible Has Shaped Our World and Why It Still Matters Today

This Dangerous Book

November 07, 2017


The Bible Illuminated: How Art Brought the Bible to an Illiterate World

The Bible Illuminated

November 14, 2017