True Riches

What Jesus Really Said about Money and Your Heart

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Harvard MBAs John Cortines and Gregory Baumer show readers that peace and contentment are only possible when they invite Jesus on their financial journeys and shift their hearts toward joyful generosity.

Jesus talked a lot about money. He knew that how we think about and choose to use our finances plays a significant role in forming our character. Our handling of money can make us more like him--full of contentment, purpose, and freedom--or it can cause a tragic separation from God and the joy he offers.

In True Riches, John Cortines and Gregory Baumer invite us to explore the words of Jesus and experience the four transformations we must make in our financial journey with Christ: moving from pride to gratitude, coveting to contentment, anxiety to generosity, and indifference to love. Full of scripture, personal stories, and practical application, True Riches offers a simple path away from the empty pursuit of wealth and into deeper relationship with God and a purpose-filled life of generosity.


Gregory Baumer, Author

Baumer, Gregory: -

Gregory Baumer is chief growth officer for naviHealth, Inc., a large healthcare-technology company. He holds degrees from Indiana University and Harvard Business School. In addition to True Riches, he is the coauthor of God and Money and speaks regularly at large churches and conferences around the country. Greg and his family make their home in Nashville, Tennessee.

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John Cortines, Author

Cortines, John: -

John Cortines serves as Chief Operating Officer at Generous Giving, a Christian nonprofit that seeks to spread the biblical message of generosity. In addition to True Riches, John is the coauthor of God and Money and also speaks regularly at churches and conferences around the country. He earned his MBA at Harvard Business School and has two engineering degrees. John and his family of five live in Orlando, Florida.

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