This I Know

Trusting Your Unknown Future to a Known God

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The Future Doesn't Have to Be Frightening

There's so much you don't know and can't control. But what if you could be calm anyway?

Fear about the future, anxiety, and worry win because we don't really know who God is. Sure, we know in our heads, but deep down in the secret places (where worry makes its home) a small part of us still wonders if God really cares about us, if He really knows what He's doing, and if He can actually be trusted. This I Know is a 6-week guide to taking back those secret places.

Each week, you will explore a truth about God, and then learn to internalize it and apply it to your life. Laura Dingman artfully brings familiar Scripture to life in new ways--through personal stories, insights into the original context and language, and guided meditation on the passages. Unleash the power of Scripture as you reclaim the secret places of your heart and entrust your frightening unknowns to a God truly known.


Laura Dingman, Author

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