The Word

A Meditation on the Prologue to St. John's Gospel



After having written an extensive four volume series of meditations on St. John's Gospel, the mystic von Speyr presents her reflections on the Prologue to St. John's Gospel. Her insights actually embrace the whole Christian revelation and life; the Church and the Sacraments, Faith, Love, Hope, and man's attitudes towards revelation, his acceptance and rejection of the Word.

This work is not in the usual sense of the term theology. It is spiritual meditation of the highest quality by an extraordinarily gifted woman. The sincerity and lucidity of her thoughts will prove of the greatest value to all readers.

The renowned writer and poet T. S. Eliot wrote about this work: "Adrienne von Speyr's book does not lend itself to any classification that I can think of. It is not dogmatic theology; still less is it exegesis. It cannot be properly described as mysticism, or a skeptical theology. There is nothing to do but to submit oneself to it; if the reader emerges without having been crushed by it, he will find himself strengthened and exhilarated by a new experience of Christian sensibility."


Adrienne Von Speyr, Author

Von Speyr, Adrienne: -

Adrienne von Speyr (1902-1967) was a Swiss medical doctor, convert to Catholicism, a mystic, wife and author of over 60 books on spirituality and theology. She collaborated closely with the renowned theologian Hans Urs Von Balthasar, her confessor for 27 years, and they co-founded the Community of Saint John. Her numerous writings, published by Ignatius Press, are recognized by leading theologians and writers as a major contribution to the mystical and spiritual writings of the Church. Among her most important works are Book of All Saints, Confession, The World of Prayer, Handmaid of the Lord, and The Passion from Within.

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