The Third Jihad

Overcoming Radical Islam's Plan for the West

by Michael Youssef (Author)
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Could the Third Jihad Happen Here?
An American Islamist imam in Washington, DC, has called for the creation of an Islamic State of North America by 2050. A lot of people shake their heads and laugh it off as unthinkable.

Many big moments in history were unthinkable--until they happened.

Could 19 men hijack four commercial airliners and fly them into three buildings and an open field, killing nearly 3,000 people? Unthinkable. But it happened in America in 2001.

Has the Third Jihad reached America's shores? Is it unthinkable?

Think again . . .
Born in the Middle East, Dr. Michael Youssef speaks with firsthand authority about the goals and methods of today's radical Islamists. From his perspective, the Third Jihad is not "unthinkable." It's a natural and more dangerous outgrowth of the First Jihad (622-751) and Second Jihad (1302-1922). This time, it's a stealth war, waged by radical ideologues against the values of Western civilization from within our own borders.

It's time to take the blinders off.
The good news is that you have a part to play in stopping the Third Jihad. It's time to take action to defend your family and boldly share Jesus with your Muslim neighbors.

Michael Youssef, PhD, is founder and president of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef. His weekly television programs and daily radio shows are broadcast in 26 languages and seen worldwide, airing more than 12,000 times per week. He holds a doctorate from Emory University and has authored many books.


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