The God Who Hung on the Cross

How God Uses Ordinary People to Build His Church

by Dois I. Rosser, Jr. (Author)Ellen Vaughn (Author)Dois I. Rosser Jr (Author)Charles Colson (Foreword by)Pam Ward (Read by)


You won't see these stories on CNN or read them in your local newspaper, but Jesus Christ is doing miracles in some of the most unlikely places around the world. And He can do so right where you live as well. Right now. This book will help you break out of the box of limited Christianity and tap into God's awesome power--like its author, whose faith has propelled him out of the boardroom and into villages in Mongolia, India, Congo, Cuba, and dozens of other needy nations. Dois Rosser has taken his earthly fortune and strategically invested it in the single most powerful means of changing the world today: building churches and broadcasting the gospel. In so doing, he has seized a big-picture vision that extends far beyond our church-as-usual experience in the United States. Rosser takes you on a jolting jeep ride to a village in India, where feeble lepers are joyfully building their church, stone by stone. He invites you to a funeral in Cuba, where the gospel's message of hope in the face of death brings a Communist tour guide to new life in Christ. You'll journey to the Ganges River, to the biggest Hindu festival in world history; marvel at the miraculous healing that founded a church in Zimbabwe; and visit a Ukrainian church built with government-donated bricks--from a former Soviet missile silo. And with Cambodian villagers staring execution in the face, you'll stand in awe at the power and mercy of the God who hung on a cross. But The God Who Hung on the Cross is not just an armchair travelogue for comfortable Christians. Its exotic tales from abroad can change your life here at home. You'll discover that when you let go of "your" time and "your" treasure, you can experience the abundant, liberating power of God at work--not just in far-flung places around the globe but in your own journey with Christ, wherever you walk with him. Christ is building his church, just as he said he would, and as He does, He delights in using any ordinary person to accomplish His great miracles. The God Who Hung on the Cross holds up an exhilarating vision of the body of Christ at work in the world--and equips you for the small but significant opportunities of everyday life.


Dois I. Rosser, Jr., Author

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Ellen Vaughn, Author

Vaughn, Ellen: -

Ellen Vaughn is an award-winning author and speaker. She speaks frequently at Christian retreats and has been featured at writers' seminars in the US and Canada. A native of Washington DC, Vaughn and her husband, Lee, live in Virginia with daughter Emily, twins Walker and Haley, and an enormous dog named after C. S. Lewis.

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Dois I. Rosser Jr, Author

Rosser Jr, Dois I.: -

Dois I. Rosser Jr. is chairman of the POMOCO Auto Group and chairman and founder of International Cooperating Ministries. He has served on the boards of Prison Fellowship Ministries, Trans World Radio, the Lausanne Conference for World Evangelism, and Leighton Ford Ministries. He lives in Hampton, Virginia, with his wife.

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