The Forgotten Blessing

Ancient Words That Heal Generational Wounds

by Aaron Früh (Author)Aaron Fruh (Author)FRUH A (Author)Bill McCartney (Foreword by)
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An ancient biblical tradition that could transform your life!

Do you sometimes feel as though your path is inexplicably blocked? Do some promises never seem to come true? Do you ever wonder why?

The answer may be in the power of the spoken blessing. Pastor Aaron Früh explains that many who encounter ongoing frustration are living under the shadow of a curse. Angry, wounding words-even when spoken in past generations-can actually block your progress, your goals, your dreams.

Discover how you may have been bruised by verbal iniquity and how you can find healing through spoken blessings. The results will be life changing--for you and for your family's future generations.

"The power of verbal blessing has been hidden to Gentiles for generations. Yet God ordained this pathway, and it will lead to healing and restoration."--Bill McCartney, founder/chairman, The Road to Jerusalem

"I strongly encourage you to read and apply the powerful lessons in this book!"--Robert Stearns, founder and executive director, Eagles' Wings

"If you have inner bruises caused by a cursing tongue, I highly recommend this book."--Michelle McKinney Hammond, author, Why Do I Say "Yes" When I Need to Say "No"?

"Listen to the passion of the heart of this man of God and begin your own pilgrimage (if you have not yet done so) that brings all of us into the richness that comes from our parent family of faith, the family of Abraham, Isaac and Israel."--Don Finto, author, Your People Shall Be My People


Aaron Früh, Author

Aaron Früh is the author of The Decree of Esther and The Forgotten Blessing, he is a weekly guest on the nationally syndicated radio program Nothing but Truth with Crane Durham which airs on the American Family Radio network. He and his wife, Sharon, have four children and three grandchildren and live in Alabama. Learn more at

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Aaron Fruh, Author

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