Step Out of the Box Your Dream Life Is Waiting



"The life you live tomorrow will be designed by the story you tell about yourself today." -Diana Sumpter Are you living the life you've always dreamed of living? If not, odds are it's because you've become comfortable wearing the same old, outdated, untrue labels that have trapped you in a super-small version of a life you were never meant to live. Today is the day for you to remember your little girl dreams. Today is the day for you to remember, redesign, and run toward the life of your dreams. Today is the day you say goodbye to "I'm not good enough" and say hello to "I can live any life I choose because I am a Woman of Excellence." In Step Out of the Box: Your Dream Life Is Waiting, Author Diana Sumpter has crafted a delightful page-turning book that will show you how to Erase and Replace the labels that have held you hostage for too long. In addition, the dream-life tools included within are effective, well-developed methods of building a healthy, balanced, and successful life. On this journey you'll wear many shoes-hiking boots, house shoes, rain boots, combat boots, tennis shoes, and high heels-to lead you out of the Land of the Lazy, maneuver through the Maze of Mediocrity, and finally step into the Land of Excellence, where your dream life is waiting for you. Diana Sumpter, Independent National Sales Director and International Motivational Speaker, brings more than 30 years of experience leading and inspiring hundreds of thousands of women across the country. Her focus is to equip women to live a life of excellence. She has taught business and life skills in both the United Kingdom and Prague, Czech Republic. Her motivational speeches combine humor and storytelling to teach life lessons to both secular and Christian audiences. Drawing from 36 years of marriage, her 8 year active duty Air Force Career as a communications specialist and her multi-million dollar business, she teaches how to have a very successful career without sacrificing your priorities.


Diana Sumpter, Author

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