Sex and the iWorld

Rethinking Relationship beyond an Age of Individualism

by Dale S. Kuehne (Author)Jean Elshtain (Foreword by)
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Finding Love, Intimacy, and Sex in All the Right Places

Dale Kuehne examines current issues pertaining to sexuality and society following the sexual revolution and asks, What kind of world are we creating? Is it a world that is actually harming us more than benefiting us? With an inclusive perspective, Kuehne contrasts the long-established "tWorld," in which traditional morality reigned, with the present-day "iWorld," in which the immediate desires of the individual have been deemed paramount. He maintains that both fail to deliver the benefits of the proposed "rWorld," in which a larger web of healthy and nourishing social relationships provides the most personally fulfilling context for sexuality and relational well-being.

"Dale Kuehne has done a remarkable thing in this book. His concern is with human love, marriage, family, the care of children, the unfolding generations, the quality of society and political community, and the character of the church. Considered in a broad historical framework and with sensitive Christian understanding, homosexuality and other hotly disputed issues of our day become clearly illuminated. Take the time you need to read and reflect on this book. The payback will be tremendous."--James W. Skillen, Center for Public Justice

"A challenging, well-written text. Kuehne displays a stance that combines both compassion and judgment. All who read this volume will find much in it to engage, to criticize, to savor."--Jean Bethke Elshtain (from the foreword)

"This is a very important book--clarifying complex issues, jolting us out of complacency, and demanding action. Biblical Christians must confront this book's stark challenge."--Ronald J. Sider, Evangelicals for Social Action

"A superb accomplishment. Kuehne brings fresh perspective to our understanding of sexuality, relationships, culture, and public policy through his shrewd sense of cultural analysis and his unique identity as a political philosopher and theologically engaged pastor. The result is not only a compassionate and incisive analysis of past and present but also an intriguing portrait of what could and should be. Kuehne breathes new life into Christianity's contribution to the conversation about the fundamental nature of the human person."--Stanton L. Jones, Wheaton College


Dale S. Kuehne, Author

Dale S. Kuehne (PhD, Georgetown University) is the Richard L. Bready Professor of Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. In addition, he serves as pastor of Emmanuel Covenant Church in Nashua, New Hampshire. Kuehne has authored Massachusetts Congregationalist Political Thought, 1760-1790 and numerous articles.

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