School of the Miraculous

A Practical Guide to Walking in Daily Miracles

by Kynan Bridges (Author)
Releases: January 14, 2020


Dr. Bridges shows how every believer can develop a miracle mindset, operate in miracles, and establish a life routine in which miraculous events occur.


Kynan Bridges, Author

Bridges, Kynan: - Dr. Kynan T. Bridges is the senior pastor of Grace & Peace Global Fellowship in Tampa, Florida. With a profound revelation of the Word of God and a dynamic teaching ministry, Dr. Bridges has revolutionized the lives of many in the body of Christ. Through his practical approach to applying the deep truths of the Word of God, he reveals the authority and identity of the new covenant believer. A highly sought speaker and published author of several books, including Unmasking the Accuser (Whitaker House, 2017), The Power of Prophetic Prayer (Whitaker House, 2016), and Kingdom Authority (Whitaker House, 2015), Dr. Bridges is also a committed husband to Gloria and father of five beautiful children: Ella, Naomi, Isaac, Israel, and Anna.

, Author

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