Meet Me in the Valley

Walking With God Through the Low Places in Life



We all face troubles in life, but when the sovereign will of God leads us into a season of difficulty, how do we respond? We need not suffer the darkness alone. God awaits us in the valley, ready to teach us more about His heart--and our own.

Kathy Green knows what it's like to walk through life's valleys. Following a routine thyroid surgery, she woke up not realizing one of her vocal cords had been injured and her voice altered until she tried to speak for the first time. She cried out to God, wondering how she would function in daily life, let alone continue her ministry as a teacher and conference speaker. He answered, Meet Me in the Valley. It was on this difficult journey that God began to speak to her afresh. Kathy's life and her heart were forever changed.

Illuminating what it means to wait quietly and expectantly in God's presence, author Kathy Green shares rich insights gained in the depths of her own valleys and provides scriptural examples of others who have walked through life's darker seasons and emerged victorious. With prayers to lead readers toward God and guidance on how to maximize time in the valley to gain a greater knowledge of Him, this resource will uplift readers' hearts with hope and ignite their faith with the truth of God's faithfulness.

God never allows us to go through a test without gaining a testimony. Your story isn't over. By taking God's hand in the midst of your struggle, you will better understand His love as He transforms you into a vessel for His glory.


Kathy R. Green, Author

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