Finding Hope in the Last Words of Jesus

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If you knew you could say only seven sentences before dying, what words would you choose?

Last words speak volumes about a person. Jesus' statements as He faced death were extraordinary, illuminating, and instructive. Greg Laurie examines each of them for what they reveal about the humanity of Christ and what they teach us about the most important things in life.

Do you know how often Jesus referred to others instead of Himself on the cross?
Or what gave His declaration of thirst far-reaching significance?
Or exactly what He meant when He said "it" is finished?
Or how His statements apply to your life?

Whether you're a Christian or still exploring Christianity, Finding Hope in the Last Words of Jesus will guide you through Jesus' greatest trial, which led to his greatest triumph. You will come away knowing that God cares deeply for you, forgives you completely, and wants to be in a vibrant relationship with you. Ultimately you will learn why we can trust God enough to place our lives in his hands.


Greg Laurie, Author

Greg Laurie is pastor of one of America's largest churches, Harvest Christian Fellowship, author of several books, and contributor of study notes in two editions of the Bible. Founder of Harvest Crusades, he also hosts the television program Harvest: Greg Laurie and the nationally syndicated radio program A New Beginning. He and his wife, Cathie, live in Southern California.

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