Becoming a Vessel of God's Power

Give God Thirty Days and See What He Will Do



Joseph woke up in a palace.
Peter led 3,000 to Christ with one sermon.
The walls of Jericho fell with a shout.
The waters of the Jordan parted while the Israelites slept.
When fire fell from heaven on Elijah s sacrifice, it didn t start as a spark to get the fire going. It fell in a consuming fire, not demonstrating a reward for Elijah s faithfulness but demonstrating God s power.

Throughout the Bible, when God showed up, everyone knew it.
And so can you "today "
Drawing on Scripture, church history, personal experience, and contemporary examples, Donna Partow walks you through a month of daily steps toward becoming a conduit of God s power. This thirty-one-day guide is also usable as a program for small group discussions over the course of eight weeks, and includes a leaders guide, plus tools like exercises for applying truths to everyday life, and cards to copy or cut out with key verses and principles.
God s power is the same today as yesterday and forever.
And you can experience it here and now.


Donna Partow, Author

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