Accidental Preacher

A Memoir

by William Willimon (Author)Will Willimon (Author)


The lively, inspiring memoir of an eminent Christian preacher and leader

In this book one of today's best-known Christian leaders recounts--with his signature wit and humor--memorable moments from his rich and full preaching life. A personal and vocational memoir, Will Willimon's Accidental Preacher portrays the adventure of a life caught up in the purposes of a God who calls unlikely people to engage in work greater than themselves.

Beginning with his childhood in a segregated South and moving through his student years, Willimon gives candid, inspiring, and humorous testimony to his experiences as a seminary professor, rural pastor, globe-trotting preacher, bishop, and popular theologian and writer. Above all, he shows how God has constantly had a call on his life.

By turns poignant, hilarious, and thought-provoking--but always irresistibly engaging--Accidental Preacher is sure to join the well-remembered, classic memoir of our time.


William Willimon, Author

Will Willimon, Author

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